Havelock is a London based artist. His British twang combined with unique tone acts as the perfect garnish to the bedrock of lo-fi drum breaks and dreamy guitars throughout his songs. He combines forward thinking sonic landscapes with memorable melodies to excite listeners. Using kaleidoscopic imagery he touches on relatable themes of the juxtaposed highs and lows, the party and comedown, the romance and hardships, the comforts and gloom that millennials are so accustomed to.

Had support from Radio 1 and achieved BBC Radio 1 introducing track of the week with his single ‘London’s Burning. He’s also received plays from 1Xtra, XFM, Radio 6 and Amazing Radio.

Frequently featured on streaming playlists such as Spotify's New Music Friday, Lorem, Pir Anti-Pop, Fresh Finds and Apple Music's Nightcap.
Press support came from Notion, HillyDilly, Wonderland, Line of Best Fit and other great tastemaker magazines and blogs.

Havelock’s tongue-in-cheek song topics and visuals led him to gain a tight-knit circle of followers and recognition from Jamz Supernova, Huw Stephens and Abbie McCarthy at Radio 1 and 1Xtra.




“Through down to earth lyrics and visceral imagery, Havelock captures the scenes and feelings of millennial life, the comforts and angst, life’s small triumphs and troubles we are so accustomed to.”


clash magazine

“A completely natural collaboration, 'Vacancy' is a sloping slice of off kilter R&B, utilising alt-pop tropes in a vivid, raw, and deeply honest way.”



'New Noise' Piece and Interview



'Get to Know' Piece and Interview


Ones to watch

'Ones To Watch' Piece and Interview



'Get to Know' Piece and Interview



BBC R1 introducing track of the week // Huw Stephens (Radio 1) // Jamz Supernova (1Xtra) // Abbie McCarthy (BBC intro in Kent)


Over 1.26 million listeners and an average of over 100K monthly listeners (at this moment) across the platforms.

Top territory is the United States at around 50%, followed by the Uk.

Scrambled and pheromones have been streamed over 2 million times each.

The catalog has been streamed over 6.5 million times across the platforms in total.

The catalog has been a strong feature of Spotify editorial including: New Music Friday // Stress Buster // Lotus // Evening Indie // Lemonade // Lorem // Pir // Anti-Pop // Fresh Finds and more. (48 editorial playlists in total)

56% female 40% male listening and 41% 18-22 age.


3K instagram following with a huge engagement averaging 350 likes, 20 comments and 1500 plays.

1k follow on YouTube and 45k views.

Recent venture into Tik Tok from March 2020 gained 88 followeers and 406 likes.

Engagement from merchandise has shown we can sell 50+ units in 3 weeks.


Release a four track EP from August to November. October between releases Havelock has debut liveshow at Omera and festival spots “Hit the North” and “Liverpool Sound City”. Start of 2022 release artist remix feature of Havelock catalog. Mid 2022 begin debut album release.


Period one of the campaign begins with Havelocks Third EP solely written and produced by himself (Listen Here). First release on a monthly roster starting in August of 2021 to follow through and coincide with Havelock’s debut live performance at Omera in October. Tracks pre live to entice viewership sales of the show and during to teaser viewership of the following releases.


Between the EP and album release Hal will be getting artists to remix his catalog for release early 2022. This will help to retain attention and growth build while Hal writes and finishes the 12-14 track album.


Campaign begins for the Havelock debut Album, a 12-14 track release. The lead into the album will be a 3 track monthly roll out into the full album. Album exclusively produced by Havelock and Dan D’Lion.